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Sports Relief

**APOLOGIES** On the sponsor form there is a dot missing from the web address. It should be http://my.sportrelief...... The link below works, so just click directly below to go to the site. Thank you.


On Friday 18th March starting at about 9:30am, the whole school will be participating in the Sport Relief Mile run/walk which is completed around the school site, weather permitting! In the past few years the event has gone really well and the children have really enjoyed it. Two years ago we raised over £2000 which was incredible. We hope to beat that this year. Parents are invited to come and support the children or participate as well. In the meantime, please encourage your children to start collecting sponsors. Sponsorship forms will be sent out on Wednesday, one per child. All monies are to be sent in after the event please, not before.


If you like, you may sponsor your child through  our online sponsor form. We suggest that you make one donation on behalf of your child/children by putting your child's first name and your name in the message box but send the sponsor form in saying you paid the money in online, rather than in cash. This way you can keep the cash collected. It would help us then too, as we will have less money to count. Here's the link to our page.


£85 raised online so far. Thank you and keep on donating!


 Many thanks, Miss Shardlow.