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School Journey Day Three

It’s the halfway point today and we briefly thought the children were showing signs of slowing down, as fewer children’s voices were heard at the 7am wakeup. However, it was only 5 minutes later and the day burst into life with all the children more than ready for another day of adventures and activities. Luckily for all of us, PGL do know how to put on a good spread and have been keeping us all fuelled throughout the day with everything from early-morning pastries and cereals, to evening curly fries and profiteroles.


All of the children have been split into four activity groups throughout the day, where some groups often go out on activities together. A real treat of an activity today for all groups was the beach walk, where children worked in groups to create an imaginative castle using anything and everything they could find on the beachfront. A middle-age castle creation, complete with flags and a moat was certainly the worthy winner through voting. After this, the children were off searching for the legendary Isle of Wight blue stone which many parents and carers may find tucked away in a suitcase. For the past few days we’ve had the weather on our side, with some really beautiful sunshine often overhead.


Today’s other challenges included the daunting Jacob’s Ladder, which proved a step too far (sorry) for some children, while the sensory trail and challenge course tested the resilience and resolve of all the children involved. The giant swing was definitely the children’s favourite activity, as they seemed to love hurtling through the air at astonishing speed.


With an evening trip to the tuck shop to stock up on more sweets and goodies, it seemed like the day was already perfected. But as you are probably seeing, there is always something more to look forward to here at PGL on the Isle of Wight.

The evening still had a sports night, hot chocolate by the Creekside and the always heart-warming opening of letters from parents and carers to their children. On the late point, we must thank you for writing these letters, as they remind and reassure the children on how loved they are even though they’re far from home.


The year six children at Whitings Hill really are a special bunch, and we are all looking forward to another day of memories-in-the-making tomorrow.