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Year 5 Aquamarine Class Assembly—Monday 14th March 2022

This was another impressive class assembly from Year 5 Aquamarine who shared there learning about space and the planets. The range and scope of their learning was truly impressive as they gave us a detailed guided tour of our solar system as well as recreating the first moon landing. They also told us about the sun and sang a song about it. A music malfunction meant the children had to sing acapella but it didn’t phase them and they sang beautifully.


Once again, it was great to welcome the parents in to watch and they seemed to really enjoy it. They were rightfully proud of their children. We also had Mrs Samani (our head-to-be) visiting and she spoke about how well the children had done and she particularly loved their model rockets. So well done Year 5 Aquamarine for putting on a fantastic show!