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House Captains

Our House system at Whitings Hill plays a significant part in the life of the school. We have four houses which are named after the roads around the school. Each house has its own colour:


  • Chesterfield - black
  • Quinta - red
  • Nupton - blue
  • Trinder - white


There's always great excitement when the weekly house scores are announced in assembly and the winning house every half term get to organise a special event as a reward. Each house also adopts a charity which they raise money for during the year. You can follow the scores in our weekly newsletter.


On Monday 10th October, the house captains and vice house captains were announced in assembly. The children in each house were given an opportunity during their house meetings to vote for their leader.


They were as follows:

  • Chesterfield: House Captain - Corey; Vice-Captains - Amelia and Nicol
  • Quinta: House Captain - Joy; Vice-Captains - Franz and Jiya
  • Nupton: House Captain - Tiana; Vice-Captains - Mya and Archie
  • Trinder: House Captain - Teejay; Vice-Captains - Aleena and Kieran


I wonder which of them will lift the Susan Convery House Cup in July?