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Football didn't come home.....

..... but pride, passion and unity did.

Mrs Patel wrote a poignant piece in the newsletter. and I totally agree with everything.

Winning is the most wonderful feeling in the world but losing is the worst. However they are both part and parcel of life and no matter how upset you are, you have to learn to be a gracious loser.

As you all know, I was lucky enough to be at 5 of England's matches and the memories I have of these will last forever - the euphoria of beating Denmark to the upset of losing yet again on penalties. I was actually behind that goal so saw close up the anguish when the 3 penalties were missed/saved.

The player's colour was not why they missed but their ability was why we were in the final in the first place.

Racial abuse is something that will never be tolerated in or out of our school.

Looking at the positives, what a month, I've loved every minute. It gave us all something to look forward to. Now onto the next sporting occasion - the Olympics.:-)