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Farewell Mr Culleton.

Today was Mr Culleton's last day working at Whitings Hill as he moves on to pastures new. He has taught in Year 4 since September 2018 and has always been very popular with staff and children alike. He has literally spent hours virtually living in the school, staying late in the evenings and coming in at the weekends too, preparing work for the children in his class. Mr Collings was considering giving him his own key at one stage but was afraid he might actually move in.


It's a strange way to say goodbye to a member of staff but I guess we live in strange times. We'd normally say a proper farewell with an assembly but that's not possible now. We hope he remembers us with fondness and that he'll look back on his time at Whitings Hill as an important step in his teaching career. We hope he'll visit us when normality returns and keep in touch to tell us his news.


There is a short tribute film to Mr Culleton in the Additional Latest News section in the PARENTS menu. Check it out.