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Day 4 Yr6 School Journey

I really enjoyed my stay at Condover Hall. We had breakfast this morning and then I was able to see the children trying their first activity of the day.

The children appreciated letters sent by parents and are looking forward to coming home to see friends and family. Our Teachers and Teaching assistants have done an amazing job looking after the children this week and supporting and encouraging them.

The children have a disco tonight to celebrate their last night at Condover Hall, they were looking forward to dressing up and wearing their fancy clothes - I sure they will be showing off some great moves on the dance floor later - it's a shame I won't be able to see them.

The children will have two activities tomorrow morning before they leave. We will keep you updated by text to keep you informed of estimated arrival times back at school. They will aim to leave at approx 1pm.

one more sleep parents and your children will be home with tales to tell!