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Dance Festival

It's the Whitings Hill Dance Festival on Tuesday 24th May and Wednesday 25th May. The teachers and children have been practising their dances over the last few weeks and they're ready to perform to parents and carers. On Monday afternoon we had a very successful dress rehearsal in school and if the children dance like that on the day, you are in for a real treat.

On  Tuesday 24th May, 1G, 6E, 3J, 5O, 4G, Reception Silver, 2M and Nursery will be performing.

On Wednesday 25th May, 1C, 6B, 3R, 5S, 4M, Reception Gold, 2W and the Barnet Dance Festival Group will be dancing.

Both performances will start at 2pm and please remember, parents and carers from the class performing will be called to sit at the front to get a good view of their child.

The children will respond to the support of the audience so please try and cheer all the children right up to the last dance. They have worked so hard so show your appreciation for their efforts.