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Christmas Video 2019.

The Whitings Hill staff Christmas video has become an annual event. After the staff panto this morning (another of our annual events - organised, as ever, by the intrepid Ms Porteous), the children were treated to the premiere showing of the film and seemed to enjoy it very much. If you want to see it for yourself, you can watch it in the Additional Latest News section in the PARENTS menu.


On the subject of the panto, the many members of staff who took part did a sterling job with a production called "The Nut and Pear Tree". Set in a Garden Centre in the fictitious village of Dingly Dell where the owner, the inimitable Dame Dock (ably played by Rory - check out his rendition of "Perfect isn't Easy" also in the Additional Latest News section) and her son William (Mr Speed), are custodians of a very special tree.


The villain, played by Mr Jones (who else!) and his equally villainous daughter, Demonia (Miss Goldwater), plot to steal the fruit of the tree and kidnap the King of Spain's daughter (Miss Stylianou) - it is a panto after all and anything can happen. After lots of shenanigans, the good guys win and the bad guys get their just desserts.


The children had a brilliant time cheering and booing along with the action on stage and it really was great to see them so engaged with the story. Well done to the staff who put their hearts and souls into their parts, bless them. The children's appreciation made it all worthwhile.