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Big Me Week.

Our next “themed” week is entitled “Big Me” and it will be held on week beginning Monday 24th January culminating in a special Big Me Day on Friday 28th January when children will be able to come to school dressed as what they want to be when they grow up, whether that be a police officer, doctor, engineer, footballer, lawyer, scientist or something else.


A £1 contribution on the Friday (payable through Arbor) will have the added bonus of raising funds for the Friends of Whitings Hill. 


During the week, classes will spend some time exploring their hopes and dreams for the future and considering different careers and jobs that adults do nowadays or maybe imagining the different sorts of jobs that might be available when they are older. The teachers will use the work that the children do to create displays for the Heart Space.


We’d love the parents to be involved too and even though you can’t come into school at the minute, you could join us through the power of ZOOM/Google Meet to talk to the children about your job and to answer their questions.


So....Volunteers Needed!


Can you spare half an hour during the week? We would be delighted if any parents, guardians, grandparents or relatives would volunteer to virtually visit a class and allow the children to ask questions about their job and the journey they took to get there. We hope to arrange at least one visitor for each of our classes.  Please leave a message with your child’s teacher, email the school office or the parent email if you would like to help us, letting us know about your job, the days and times you would be available and what class you would be willing to talk to. This could be your own child’s class but even better if you were willing to talk to other year groups also. The relevant teachers will then send an email to you with the meeting link.


We’re really excited about dressing up and dreaming big in Big Me week!  I do hope you will help make it a success.