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Bedtime Stories.

On Wednesday 2nd December, we had another event at Whitings Hill to celebrate books and reading. Around fifty children came back to school at 6pm dressed in their pyjamas and holding their teddies all ready for a bedtime story.

The mood was set with the lights turned off at the entrance to the school as the children came in with their mum and dads and made their way to one of five classrooms for a story. In the classrooms, the children made themselves comfortable on the cushions and pillows and listened entranced to a variety of exciting stories, expertly read by Mrs Ellis, Ms Davidson, Mrs Barnes, Ms McHugh and Ms Porteous. The parents looked like they were enjoying the chance to hear a story read by someone else too!

Afterwards, they were served hot chocolate and biscuits by Mrs Patel and Miss Clements to finish off a wonderful evening before heading home ready for bed (we hope!).

Thanks to Mrs Ellis for organising a fabulous event, she really is doing all she can to promote the idea of how important it is for parents to read with their children and foster in them a real love of books and reading. Thanks also to the wonderful teachers who gave up their time to make this evening really special.