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Arts Week

Arts Week takes place during the week beginning Monday 5th October and it is the first of the 3 themed weeks we have planned for this year.


Monday 5th October - Technique Day. The children will spend the morning learning an art technique in their own class. Parents can join in by going to their child's classroom from 11.00am until 11.45am. In the afternoon, the children will swap classrooms and learn a different art technique with the other year group teacher.


Tuesday 6th October - Samba Drumming. Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 will have a demonstration of Samba drumming in assembly and then have an opportunity to try it for themselves during the day before putting on a show for the rest of the school in the afternoon.


Wednesday 7th October - Junk Percussion. Children in Years 1, 2 and 3 will learn how to make interesting percussion sounds with "junk" and again put on a show for the rest of the school at the end of the day.


Thursday 8th October and Friday 9th October - Painting. Children will use their painting skills in class to emulate the style of a chosen artist.


In school, we are really looking forward to what should be a very enjoyable and creative week. We can't wait to see and hear the work the children produce. Keep up to date by asking your child about what he / she has been doing in class.