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May 2021

May 2021


May already! Where is the time going? The weeks are flashing by and here we are well into the summer term.  The weather seems to be a mixed bag but it's not stopping 5M from doing anything.


In our maths lessons we have been wrestling with decimals and fractions and even though these can be tricky the children are being resilient and keep trying even when the going gets tough.  Everyone has made progress and we are all rightly proud of our efforts.  All the children are expected to use the long method for multiplication now (if your not sure what it is get your child to explain it to you) and we use the ladder method to check our answers.  


The children's knowledge of their times tables up to 12 is coming along nicely and the competitive element of who has got what certificate or medal is really working to pull everyone along and without exception all the children in 5M are keen to achieve their own next step in regards to times tables. Timetables Rock Stars has helped significantly with improving speed and accuracy.


In our English lessons we are in the middle of a unit called 'Skellig by David Almond’.  It is a really interesting novel and the children’s interest is clearly reflected in the fantastic work the children are producing.  


Our Topic 'Ancient Greece' has started successfully and the children are like sponges soaking up knowledge.  This Topic is always popular and has gone down an absolute storm this year. The children are very keen to learn as much as they can about this fascinating period in history.