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Our school Maths target 

improve the teaching and learning of TIME

 We feel that the skills of being able to tell the time, using both analogue and digital clocks, being able to convert between units of time, read timetables, find time differences and confidently solve real life time problems are a priority for all children and something essential for their future lives. During the year all the children will be given many varied and fun opportunities to learn and practise these skills.


Click on the Telling the Time page below to see our targets and for other useful information.

Rocket Maths and Times Table Challenge

It is important that our children develop a positive attitude towards mathematics with a competence and confidence in mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills. We aim to achieve fluency in number through varied and frequent practice of key number facts and by providing regular opportunities for children to apply their knowledge of facts rapidly and accurately. With this in mind, we have organised our maths challenges: Rocket Maths for the younger children and Times Table Challenge for the older ones. 

Click these images for a larger view or open the pdf 'Improving Number Fluency' below
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Online resources which you can use at home

Online resources which you can use at home 1
Online resources which you can use at home 2
Online resources which you can use at home 3
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