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Maths homework will be given out weekly. 5M Maths homework consists of a sheet divided into three sections. These sections are called Section A - Start Up, Section B - Into Gear and Section C - Tough Challenge.  The maths becomes progressively more challenging as the children move through each section.  The expectation is that all children attempt Section A - Start Up and then move onto sections B and C.  Children should make an attempt at the questions in sections B and C that they feel they can do.  The homework is designed to revise, embed and extend the children, therefore not all the children will be able to complete each section and get all calculations correct each week. Each section of the homework comprises of a wide variety of different problems that the children need to work out, these include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction and decimal problems, money problems, measurement problems and time problems.


Our Maths homework is designed to ensure children have regular weekly practice of using different calculation strategies. This homework runs alongside our class based Maths learning using the White Rose Scheme.  Over the course of the academic year we will spend time on improving our skills, knowledge and understanding of all the calculation strategies that are presented in our weekly homework.  This means that over the course of your child’s time in 5M you will notice an improvement in their ability to 1) complete each section of the homework independently and 2) get more of the answers correct in each of the three sections.


Each Friday we will go through the answers to the previous week’s Maths homework.  For the first half of the Autumn term our Maths homework will be based on Year 4 problems to solve so the children have the opportunity to use the calculation strategies they previously learnt in Year 4. Following the October half term we will practise using calculation strategies to solve Year 5 problems.


It is absolutely fine to help your child with their Maths homework but please do not do it for them.  If your child becomes stuck encourage them to talk about different ways they can solve the problem e.g. if they get stuck on addition or subtraction calculations then strategies such as finding the difference between two numbers, counting on from lowest to highest number, expanding the numbers (split into thousands, hundreds, tens, ones), drawing the number and using visual counting aids (hundred square, home made place value counters) are great ways to work out answers.