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White Rose Maths have created online resources to support with learning Maths at home.  We follow the White Rose curriculum at school so you should be familiar with the resources.   
We highly recommend that you use this to help you to learn more in Maths.

For each lesson, there is a video to watch first.  This helps you to understand the worksheet you are given to complete.  

In our Maths lessons in school, we uses resources from Deepening Understanding.  They have made a home learning pack for you to have a go at.  They have created some practical activities and games for you to try.  

Problem Solving Puzzle

Have a go at the problem solving puzzle below.  You could use some money to help you, or you could draw pictures.  We look forward to seeing your answers.


Once you have solved it, have a go at these reasoning questions:


Have a go at these reasoning questions.  Remember you need to prove your answer by showing calculations and also use pictorial representations e.g. drawing PV counters.

If the picture of the question is too small, just click on it to enlarge it.



Reasoning - 25.3.20

Reasoning - 25.3.20 1
Reasoning - 25.3.20 2
Reasoning - 25.3.20 3
Please log on to TT Rock Stars for 15  minutes per day.  Our battles will still be taking place!


You can also log into NumBots using your TT Rock Stars log in.


Work has been set on Education City

On Education City, please make sure you complete the Times Table check daily.  This will really help you with your times tables. 


Please also log onto RM EasiMaths to complete different activities.


Log in details can be found inside the back of your yellow reading diary.  If you cannot find your log in or it doesn't work, please email the parent email address.