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March 2021

March 2021


At last March has arrived and brings with it lighter evenings and better weather (hopefully). Our return to school has been extremely successful.  All the children returned excited and ready to learn.  


Our current outdoor PE focus is hockey, the children are quickly picking up the rules and already we are improving our skills at passing to their opponents and protecting the ball as they move across the hockey pitch. This is our last games focus for this academic year as after the Easter holidays we will spend the Summer term developing our athletics skills.


We are still working hard on our current topic 'Earth and Space.’ As part of this topic the children will be given the opportunity to paint the solar system and moon, listen and respond to the music of Gustav Holst, investigate features of the planets, learn about the history of space travel and investigate light. It is a wonderful topic that is very engaging and greatly appeals to the children.


Thank you for your ongoing support, it really is appreciated.