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13th March 2020

This week the children enjoyed being superheroes and made up their own comic books and stories choosing characters. We focussed on the use of speech bubbles in their writing and they amazed us with their amazing ideas and writing.

Sports Relief was a great success! The children enjoyed taking part and hopefully lots of money was raised for very worthy causes.

6th March 2020

This week we celebrated World Book Day! It was lovely to see so many children taking part and telling us about their favourite book characters.

We also have been enjoying talking about superheroes! We loved turning ourselves into mini superheroes, dressing up and role playing and making our own superhero masks and watches. We looked at the story ‘Supertato’- a superhero potato who tries to save his vegetable and fruit friends from the evil pea! We read the story, designed our own vegetable superhero, and we explored how the characters were feeling in the story through role play.

In Numeracy we have been exploring the whole part model and looking at constructing our own number sentences. This is an area we will continue to extend with the children asking questions like “If there are 4 in the bag how many are in my hand?”, “How many are missing?...Can you draw me a picture to show me?”

To celebrate World Book Day we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes with or without jam whilst we listened to a story. Thank you so much to the grownups who stayed to read a story to us. We had so much fun!