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Encourage some imagination: 

Can you make the sound of the sea creatures in the book? Can you make the sounds of your favourite animal, sea creature or pets? Can you act out how the animals in the story move? Play an I spy animal that makes the sound of different animals using letters from the alphabet.



There are lots of rhyming words (words that sound the same) in the story. Can you make a list of all the rhyming words? There are lots adjectives (describing words) describe movements in the story e.g. roaming. Can you think of any more?  Draw a picture of all the characters from the story and label them.

This story has the message of friendship. Have a discussion with your grown up about friendship. Who are your friends? What do you like doing with your friends? What makes a good friend? Activity: Please draw or paint a picture of you and your friends. Extension: Write the first sound of each of your friend’s names on your picture. There are lots of friendship songs available on YouTube if you would like to listen to them with your grown up.


The More We Get Together - Kids Songs - Children's Songs - Nursery Rhyme - by The Learning Station