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Take 5: Ideas for Independent/Home Learning Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton (Walker)

1. Explore it!

Read aloud these pages and look carefully at the pictures. What do you notice? What is happening? George was really happy to see Harris when he came home. How do George’s feelings change? How can you tell? What is he thinking? Why is Harris cross? What has George done? What makes you think that? Talk more about George and Harris. What is their relationship? Would you like to meet George and Harris? Why? Why not? How would you describe each of the characters? Try not to just think about the way they look, think also about the way they behave.

2. Illustrate it

Look at the way George looks in each of the pictures. How can you tell when he is happy and excited? How do you know when he feels sad? Talk about how his face changes and how his eyes look each time. What does his body position tell you about how he is feeling? Can you pretend to be George in each scene and change your eyes, your face and your body to show you feel either happy or sad? Draw pictures of George showing him looking happy and looking sad.

3. Talk about it 

Why does Harris say, “Oh no, George!”? Can you say it like you think Harris would say it? How do you sound? Why?  Why is there soil on the floor? What do you think happened?  Do you think George understands what he has done wrong? What makes you think that?

4. Imagine it

Think again about Harris’s question, “George! What have you done?” What do you think George has done? How did he ruin the place? What other things might George have done to the house? Do you know a dog? How do they behave? You could draw what you imagine George might have done to the rest of the house or how you think the furniture was knocked over.

Look at the last scene in which Harris holds out the empty plate and George looks upset.  Have you ever felt sorry like this?  What did you do? How did you make it better?  What do you think George should do now? How could he make it better? What would you do or say to Harris if you were George?

5. Create it

Create some family agreements that will help you look after your home and each other’s things. How could you be helpful and work as a team? Draw up a chart with some suggestions for keeping your home nice for everyone. What could you do if you have upset someone else? What is most helpful? Could someone help you write a note or draw a picture to say sorry? What would you say? Give it to the person and see how it makes them feel. Did it make them feel better? How? Think about your friends and family. How can you show you care about each other? What would be a kind thing to do for someone else? Try to do something kind for someone else every day. How does it make you feel?

You can find out more about author/illustrator Chris Haughton and how he makes his books on CLPE’s Power of Pictures:

Oh no, George! - Chris Haughton

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