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Take 5 Beware of the Crocodile

1. Explore it

Look at the front cover and talk about what you see.  How does it make you feel? Why?  Would you like to meet this crocodile? Why? Why not?

Read the title inside the crocodile’s jaws.  What does BEWARE mean? Why do you think a crocodile might be dangerous? How do you know?  Do you know about crocodiles from stories or real life? Can you share what you know?

2.Illustrate it!

 Look at the front cover again and talk about what the rest of the crocodile looks like. If you have access to books or the internet you might want to find a photograph of a real crocodile to help you talk about it.  What is special about a crocodile? What are its eyes like? What about its teeth? What does its body look like? Does it have a tail, arms or legs?  How would its skin look and feel? What colour is it? How does it move? Use any materials you have to hand to draw or create a crocodile of your own.  Can you describe and label its special features? How might you find out more about crocodiles?

There is a short video in the Continuous Learning folder; 'Andy's Baby Animals-Crocodile Babysitting!' for more information about crocodiles. 

3. Talk about it

Now, look at the spread from the book. Is this how you imagined the crocodile? How is it the same or different?



Read aloud the text on the page:  What does this tell us about crocodiles?  What make a crocodile scary? Why does having lots of teeth matter? Are big crocodiles scarier? Think about the title, Beware of the Crocodile. Have you heard the word ‘Beware’ used with any other animals? You may have seen signs that say ‘Beware of the Dog’ before. Why do we need to be careful of some animals?

4. Imagine it

Talk together about things that might make us scared.  Do we all have the same fears? How did it feel to share your fears with someone else?  Can you draw what you are afraid of? Why is it scary? Is everything we are afraid of dangerous? Think of something that you want to do but are afraid to try, this might be something like riding a bike, swimming or doing a forward roll.  Can you imagine being able to do it? How would you feel? Draw what you would look like achieving this goal.  How could you be more confident? What would you need to think about? Who could help you?

5. Create it

Now, think of something that you find easy but someone else might not. What are you good at? Could you teach someone else? Think about anything you would need to tell them about staying safe. Talk about what they need to know and any instructions they might need to take. Create a guide for others to learn your special skill using whatever you have to hand in the home. You might use drawings and writing or make a film to send to your friends. Try your guide out on someone to see if it works. Can they learn your special skill? Have they stayed safe? You could also look for things in the home that could be dangerous and talk together about why we must take care, for example by the oven or in the bathroom. You could look for warning signs around the home and create your own warning signs to stick up.

You can look for more ideas to use quality information books like this one on Walker Books website: %20A2_08%20.pdf

Story Time - Beware of the Crocodile