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Brave Bear...

1.  Explore it

Look at and read the spread below.  What do you notice?  What kind of place is this?  Who are these bears?  How do they know each other?  What do you think has happened?  What tells you this?Why does little bear feel sad?  Have you ever felt like this?  Why?  What happened?  Who helped you to feel better?  What do you think dad is thinking?

Look at the cover of the book and read the title as well as the blurb. How are the bears feeling now? How do you know? Why do you think they are smiling at each other? Who is the brave bear? What makes you think that? What does it mean to be brave?

2. Illustrate it

Think about little bear and his dad. How would you describe each of them? Why do you think they like being with each other? What kinds of things do they do together? How do they behave? What do you like about them?

If you were to draw one of the bears what would you include? How would you describe them? As well as thinking about their appearance, think about their thoughts and feelings. How can you draw your bear looking sad? What would their face look like? How would he hold his body? Can you look like a sad bear? What if your bear was happy or brave? How would he change his face and his body?

Have a go at drawing your bear feeling both sad and feeling happy. Share (On Tapestry) your drawing and talk about how you have shown your bear’s feelings.

3. Talk about it  

Why was little bear feeling sad?  How do you know dad loves and cares for his little bear? What kinds of things does he do? Have you ever had to be brave? Do we have to feel brave all the time? Is it alright to feel sad too?

4. Imagine it

Think about how sad little bear felt when he hurt his knee and he was feeling too hot. A cuddle from his daddy must have really helped. Do you like a cuddle when you are feeling sad? What do you think dad said to help him feel better? What would you say to a sad little bear? How else can you show you care? Find a cuddly toy to be little bear and imagine you are daddy bear. How would you cuddle him? What would you say? Take your toy to someone in your family. What would they do to show they care? Imagine you can’t be with little bear to give him a cuddle. Can you write a kind note or draw him a picture or make a film of yourself to cheer him up? Share this with someone in your family. Do they agree it will help little bear? You could make up a story together to show how you think little bear hurt his knee or how you think he was a brave bear? You could draw or write it and tell it to other people so they can enjoy it too.

5. Create it

Think about how sad little bear was feeling when he hurt his knee. Have you ever felt like this? Can you remember why you were sad? What helped you to feel better? Who was kind to you? What did they do? What did they say to you? Do you know anyone who might need a bit of cheering up? How can you help? What can you say to them? If they aren’t at home with you, can you create a note or message, a picture or even a film to show you care? You decide what you want to say. What do you think this person would most like? Perhaps you might say something funny to make them laugh. Find out how it made them feel to receive your act of kindness. How does this make you feel inside? Who else could you show kindness to? See if other people in your family will join in with your little acts of kindness. It is important to know and talk about how you are feeling. Maybe you could draw or write your own feelings in a diary or on bits of paper that you can keep in a special feelings box?

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