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Google Meet 

Silver Group at 9.30

Gold Group at 10am

Listen to the story.  Draw a Rainbow.  Sing the song. Complete the Rainbow & post on Tapestry.

Look forward to see you allsmiley


Explore the front cover.  Who do you think the characters are?  Where are they sitting?  What do you think they are looking at? In the story the little girl has a companion, the fox.  The fox helps her through the good and the bad.  Can you think of people in your life that help you when you’re feeling sad? Happy? What did you have to do, for them to help you? How have they helped you?  How have you helped your friends/family to make them happy?
Read the book. In this story the girl has a companion fox with her throughout her journey, facing adventures together, through good times and bad. Choose an animal to go on an adventure with. What would it be? Describe it, draw it and explain how it could help you.

Google Meet Silver at  11.30  Gold at 1.30pm  

Reception Staff will read their favourite book.

We will ask the children to show us their costumes.

Explain to an adult why you like this character. 

After the meeting- What does the character do in the story?  Why is the character your favourite character?Draw your favourite character. Draw the character you are dressed as.  We would love to see your pictures on Tapestry.

Move & Groove - Google Meet Silver 9.30  Gold 10am


In the story, the girl has a beautiful dream where she flies across the night sky with her fox and rises high above her problems. Her dreams inspire her and encourage her to keep going.

Write about your hopes and dreams and create pictures to go with them.




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