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Look at the front Cover.   Allow the children time to look and respond to what they can see. What do they think is happening?  What do you notice in the picture? - Who are the owls? What are the owls doing? How are the owls feeling? - What do you think is happening? - Does it remind you of anything you have seen before? - Where is this? How can you tell? What might you hear if you were there? - What do the owls think of the dark? (Discuss how does this compare to the children’s own thoughts and feelings about the dark?) - Do you have any questions?

Ask the children to draw and write their ideas; the possible events that might unfold in the book, who it might involve, what might happen to the owls?. Find attached a sheet or you can use a blank piece of paper.  The word mat is to support the children to write  their own sentences.

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

Make a poster of all facts about owls - on an A3 piece of paper draw an owl in the middle.  Label the different parts of the owl. Also, write some facts about Owls. If you prefer to use the sheet below.

Spotted Owl | Amazing Animals

Spotted owls can't move their eyeballs! Learn more amazing facts about the spotted owl in this video from National Geographic Kids.➡ Subscribe for more Natio...

Read the first three pages.  Discussion; How do they think the owls are feeling?  Who do they think is being brave?  Who do they think is scared?  Ask your child, when have they needed to be brave?  What makes them scared?  Are there times when you are not with your parents/carers?  How do you feel when your parents/carers are not with you?  How do you know they will come back?  Parents/Carers you can also share how you feel when you are scared and when you need to be brave.

Ask the children to draw a picture of when they are scared and what makes them scared?  Remember to share your lovely pictures with us on Tapestry. 

Read to the end of the book.  What do they think about the description of the mummy owl coming back; 'Soft and silent, she swooped through the trees.'  Can they show you what they think this means?  What do they think of the description of the baby owls reaction to the mummy owl coming back; 'they flapped and they danced, and they bounced up and down'.  Can owls dance and bounce?  Can they show you what they think this means?  How did they feel about the mummy owl coming back to the baby owls?  How did the baby owls feel?  What does the mummy mean when she says; 'WHAT'S ALL THE FUSS?'  Has there been times when they have been excited?  What makes them excited?  What makes them dance and bounce around? 

Draw a picture of what makes they excited?  Remember to post on Tapestry for us to see...  Well Done!yes