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This week we read the tale of the ‘Little Red Hen’. The story is about a Hen wanting help to make bread, but all of her friends are busy.  The children have found it very interesting to learn about where flour comes from and how bread is made. During Circle Time, we spoke about the different emotions the hen may have been feeling.  We discussed what we would do if a friend asked us to help them.  The children created beautiful collages of a farm and farm animals.  We role played the story, however changing the characters and also changing the storyline.  The children were great at acting!

Next Week we will be looking at the farmyard story, ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson. We will be making books and looking at stories and non-fiction texts about farm animals. We will be making animals in lots of different ways!   In maths we will be looking at doubling numbers.    

This week we read the story of ‘What the Ladybird Heard’.  We discussed how the animals felt when the ladybird had said their ‘fine prized cow’ was going to be stolen.  They wrote their sentences using their chosen animals’ speech bubble. The children were particularly interested in the ‘cunning plan’ that the thieves had.  The children independently drew the story map of where the animals lived and where the thieves were going.  The children were doubling numbers using a template of a ladybird. The children placed spots on one side and then the same amount of spots on the other side. 


Next week, we will look at the story, ‘Supertato’- a superhero potato who tries to save his vegetable and fruit friends from the evil pea! We will read the story, design our own vegetable superhero, make superhero masks, and we will explore how the characters are feeling in the story through role play and use speech bubbles. We will also be turning our writing area into a superhero den, where we can dress up and write superhero messages. In maths we will be looking at sharing numbers up to 10.

This week we looked at the story, ‘Supertato’.  The children engaged in lots of writing about about this.  They wrote their Super Hero name and what powers they would have, ‘What if they were a Super Hero?’ And they made Super Hero watches and masks. They used their cutting skills to create a ‘Supertato’ character.  The children wrote their own version of ‘Supertato.’ The Teachers were so impressed with the children’s AMAZING writing.


Next week we will read the information book ‘Surprising Sharks’ by Nicola Davies.   This book explores the wonderful world of sharks!  We will discuss what facts they know about sharks.  They will be writing their own fact file book about sharks. If the children have more questions about sharks, we will Google their questions and read these together. In maths we will be looking at odd and even numbers.