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18th June 2021

The children are enjoying the animal theme and have been doing lots of chatting about animals they have seen in different places.They have been completing animal puzzles and playing animal matching games. We have lots of animal stories for them to enjoy in nursery and we have also been finding animal facts on the internet and in our nonfiction books.The weather has been great for lots of outdoor activities. Please do remember to put sun screen on your child before school. Sun hats are a good idea as well, but please write their names inside. You may also want to bear in mind that the children can run and climb
outside as part of their physical curriculum.They do need to wear suitable footwear to allow for this.We will shortly be letting you know about your child’s key worker progress meeting.These will be telephone calls to update you on progress and discuss any concerns you may have before your child goes up to reception. As soon as we have finalised the times we will  everyone know. The calls will be done
during session times so please do try to be available at your allocated time. (They will only last for 5 to 10 minutes so we can fit everyone in.)