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Friday 2nd July

This week we looked at the story, ‘Surprising Sharks’.  The children have gained so much information about sharks.  They wrote amazing facts about sharks.  The children had the challenge of cutting and sticking to create a 3D shark.  They used water colours to paint beautiful pictures of the ocean and sharks.  The children have gained a very good understanding of odd & even numbers.


Next week we will be learning about the Olympic Games.  The children will be making their own Olympic torch.  We will be discussing the ‘New faces of the Olympics.’  We will be writing about ‘The Olympic & Paralympic Values; for example, ‘Friendship and Perseverance’.   In Maths we are recapping addition & subtraction. 

This week we discussed the ‘Olympic & Paralympic Games’.  We discovered the five ‘New Faces of the Olympics’; Surfboarding, Skate boarding, Wind surfing, Karateka.  The children each made their own ‘Olympic Torch’.  What an AMAZING! time everybody had during Sports Day.  We hope you enjoyed looking at all of the FUN photos on Tapestry.


Next week we will be talking about holidays! We will be thinking about different countries children can visit and different types of holidays you can go on. We will paint holiday pictures and looking at a holiday brochure in the writing area. In Maths we will be making Maps.

As we are coming to the end of the school year we have collected the reading books, yellow reading diaries and book bags so that they are ready to hand over to the Year One teachers. If they have not been returned please can you do so by Monday 19th July 2021. The children will be collecting all their work throughout the week to bring home.  There will be no PE next week.


The children had an AMAZING time today at ‘The Beach.’  We had a little paddling pool.  They had water trays they could use cooking utensils, pots and pans.  Thank you for bringing in the essential items of clothing.  If anything is missing please let a member of staff  know.

We have come to the end of Reception and we would just like to thank you all for your hard work and support this year. You have contributed to helping your children to grow, learn and progress in their work and emotional well-being. We have worked together to set the foundations of your children’s learning, which they will take forward into Year 1. The children have been amazing this year and we will miss them as they continue their journey up the school. Best of luck in Year 1 everyone! 



As the school year is ending you will be able to download PDF’s of your children’s profile. We will be deleting your child’s profiles in September to make space for the new children starting in September. Please make sure you download a copy before September 1st.