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3rd July 2020

Hi everyone, now we are nearing the end of term we are all very busy here trying to prepare for September. We still cannot be certain how things will be from September but fingers crossed things will start to get back to normal!

As most of the children have not been in school and the staff won’t see them until September, all the teachers are setting up Google Meets over the next two weeks to say goodbye and wish their last class well. The Google Meets for nursery will be on Thursday the 9th between 1pm and 3pm. We will invite groups of ten into each meeting with all the nursery staff. Your link will be sent through Tapestry.

Please bear with us on this as it’s the first time we have done it! Details of the process are on the accompanying letter.

Dear parents/carers

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and we would like to be able to say goodbye to the children in our class.  As we are unable to do this face-to-face, we would like to hold Google Meets (virtual meetings) with the children in the class to say goodbye.  To ensure that all children are given an opportunity to speak during the meeting if they wish, the class will be split into small  groups, and you will be given a meeting time. The meetings will last for a maximum of 15 minutes. 

Please see the instructions attached for support on how to log onto Google Meet.  You will be able to join using a laptop, computer, tablet or phone.  If you are using a tablet or phone, you may need to download the Google Meet app.  You will then need to enter a meeting code to be able to join.

For safeguarding reasons, your child will not be able to enter the Google Meet until their teacher is in the meeting and will not be able to re-enter once the meeting has finished.

To ensure the session runs smoothly and safely, we would like you to discuss the following rules with your child:

1. You need to be in a communal room e.g. lounge, kitchen (Not your bedroom).

2. You need to be dressed suitably e.g. no pyjamas

3. Please mute yourself until the teacher asks you to speak.

4. Raise your hand if you want to speak

5. Be respectful - the rules are the same as if we were in school.


We will split the children into groups. Your allocated time will be sent with the link.

The Google Meets for Nursery will take place on Thursday 9th July between 1pm and 3pm. The link will be put on your child’s tapestry journal before that date. Along with instructions of how to access the google meeting. So keep an eye out for the upload.

We are really looking forward to seeing you and your child then!