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25th January 2019

This week, we were very lucky to have a poet James Carter visit our school and share his amazing poems with us. We made up our own animal poems, made rhyming books and explored different types of poems.

In maths the children were learning about money and we looked at all the different coins and learnt their values, looked at similarities and differences between them so we would be able to recognise them and explored how much each coin was worth. We will continue this learning – for example that one 5 pence coin is worth 5 1p’s.

Next week we will continue looking at poems and make up our own ready to go on a display in the heart space.

18th January 2019
This week, we explored the book ‘Blue Penguin’ in more detail. We reread the text and focused on the feelings of the main character Blue Penguin. This developed the children’s vocabulary for talking about emotions and developed their understanding of their own and others emotions. In Literacy the children enjoyed making information books about penguins. To help them find out more about penguins the children used the internet, videos, pictures, books, magazines and so on. Also this week the children had fun dressing up as penguins by making their own penguin hats. They created music and songs in the Antarctic role play area and wrote messages to their penguin friends to come and watch their singing shows.

11th January 2019

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your Christmas break. The children have missed each other and have been very excited to be back.


This week we talked about winter and the changes in weather. We introduced the book Blue Penguin and talked about Antarctica and animals that live there.

Based on the story of the Blue Penguin we transformed the role play area into Antarctica and decorated elements from the story.  

In Maths we have been focusing on adding and taking away. We introduced the children to the concept of addition and subtraction. We will continue to consolidate this next week.


Next week, we will delve into the book ‘Blue Penguin’ in more detail. We will read the text again but this time focusing on the feelings of the main character. We will be making information books about penguins and exploring the different ways we can find this information for example, internet, videos, pictures, books, magazines and so on.