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January 2020


January 2020


Happy New Year to you all. It’s now 2020 and 5M are getting the year off to a flying start.


Before I tell you about what’s happening this month I would like to thank everyone for their kind and thoughtful gifts given to both Fran and I for Christmas. The generosity displayed was wonderful and we are both very thankful.


I hope you enjoyed our Christmas concerts last month. The children worked hard on learning all the songs and listening to them sing is a lovely experience. Thank you for supporting the children by helping them learn the songs and coming along to one of our performances.


We are very busy this month and the children have lots of interesting and informative learning to get involved in.  Our First topic for this term is called ‘Forces’ and involves two main subjects. We will investigate forces in our Science lessons (gravity, air resistance, up thrust, water resistance and others) and learn how Viking forces raided then settled in Britain in our History lessons. It is a very exciting and hands on topic which will fully engage the children. Please download a copy of our Forces Topic Web and keep it handy so you can talk to your child about what we have been doing in class.


Our Maths work will focus on multiplication - multiplying two, three and four digit numbers by two digits, this is often known as long multiplication. We will then spend time focussing on division - dividing two, three and four digit numbers by two digits, this is often known as long division. After that we will start an in-depth study of fractions which will allow us to revise our previous learning and then move on to new learning about fractions.


In our English lessons we are going to focus on non fiction writing using the book Ice Trap which tells the true story of Ernest Shackleton and the rescue of his crew from his ship The Endurance.  After this we will spend time writing our own Just So story in the style of world famous author Rudyard Kipling. This gives the children the opportunity to develop their understanding and skills in recognising and using figurative language such as metaphors, similes, alliteration and rhyme.  We will be entering the Kipling Society’s writing competition with our Just So stories and hopefully we will have some success.


As you can see it is a busy but exciting month for 5M. The children are ready, willing and able to get started on what promises to be a Spring Term full of knowledge, understanding and skills that will further their education.