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31st January 2020

The children enjoyed all the activities relating to Chinese New Year. They have been busy ‘cooking’ in the restaurant and have had a go at using chop sticks.

We made some seed biscuits for the birds and they smelt so good when they were cooking that we all wanted to eat them! The birds are enjoying them.


Tuesday 11th at 9.00am

We have decided to move the nursery dance performance to the morning of Tuesday the 11th of February. (PM children are invited to come in and dance, then go home and return for a normal session in the afternoon.) Parents/carers will need to bring the children in dressed in their performance clothes. They can then go around to the main hall to watch the performance which will start around 9am. Although please bear with us, as we have to get everyone from the nursery to the hall and this can take some time!

(The rest of the schools performance times have not been changed, this will remain at 2pm.)

Performance clothes

Boys-black joggers/trousers white tops and black bow tie

Girls-any colour tee shirts and RaRa skirts.

(The children will dance in bare feet.)

24th January 2020

The children have enjoyed cooking in our Chinese restaurant this week and they were offered a taste of some noodles that the staff cooked. Some of the children came and tried the noodles and some even had a go at eating with chopsticks!  Chinese New Year will be celebrated this weekend so if you see any related items on the TV do encourage the children to watch.

We have also been bird watching this week. It is quite hard to get the birds to come down outside the nursery as there is lots of noise and commotion in all the playgrounds! But we have seen a few and we will persevere next week. If you have time at the weekend please do encourage the children to look out for birds and count how many they see. If you put any pictures on tapestry we will make time to look at them as a class. If you are interested in taking part in the RSPB big garden bird count then log on to for full details.

17th January 2020

Next weekend is RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch weekend. In preparation, nursery have been feeding the birds and encouraging them to come into our outside area for some time now. We have regular bird visitors who come down for our food. Lots of children enjoy watching the birds and often remind staff to feed them now. This maybe something that you would like to extend at home, helping the children develop an interest in, and learning about their natural environment. You can get some great ideas, online games, kids completions and more info on the RSPB site.

Activities next week will include identifying birds and naming them, counting birds in the feeding area and keeping a tally, making bird models, pretending to be birds in PE and painting bird pictures.

We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year. Children will enjoy learning the story of The Great race!

Nursery will be taking part in the school dance festival. This will be held on 11thand 12th of February at 2pm. As soon as we know which day nursery will be performing we will let you know.

11th January 2020

Nursery will be taking part in Happy New Year to everyone!  The children all seem pleased to be back. They have been telling us all about their Christmas experiences and the special times they had at home with you.

This week we are reading and retelling the story of the Three Little Pigs. There have been lots of role play games and puppet shows based on the story. Some of the children helped to make a class book and some are making their own little books.

We have also welcomed some new children into our afternoon session. Some more children will be starting in the afternoons over the next two weeks.

Swimming sessions will resume from this week. Sessions are on Friday afternoon, starting at 2.30pm. Please remember that parents/carers need to go in the water with their child.