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31st January

Chinese New Year was on Saturday 25th January. This week we talked about how people celebrate this festival. A very big thank you to Kevin’s mum who came in to talk to all the children about how they celebrate Chinese New Year at home.

We read the story of Chinese New Year which is called ‘The Great Race’ and retold the story through story mapping and role playing. We also painted animals from the story, made dragons and looked at Chinese writing and numbers.

Next week, we will be focusing on healthy lifestyle. Activities next week will include reading the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, making healthy living posters and tasting different fruit. As part of healthy lifestyle week, we will be talking about exercise and how to keep healthy. We will be giving each child their own food journal for the week, and ask that you help your child to complete this on a daily basis. They will be given the opportunity to share their diaries with the class.

24th January

This week we went bird watching. We went to the wooded area and field and used our binoculars to spot some birds- we saw seagulls, blackbirds, crows and pigeons. We have been doing lots of bird watching role play where we made booklets, wrote lists of the items we needed and completed tick sheets and check lists of the birds. We also enjoyed using the clipboards which have recording buttons on them. We enjoyed recording our voices and playing them back to listen to them.

17th January 2020

This week we carried on looking at the story “Owl Babies”. The children drew lovely chalk drawings of owls on black paper and made posters about owls, describing what they look like and what they do. They wrote amazing poems describing the woodlands and wowed us with their ideas and vocabulary.  In Maths we focused on number bonds to 5. We introduced the children to the concept of addition. Next week we will continue exploring number bonds up to 8.

We will also delve into the book ‘Owl Babies’ in more detail finding out where mummy owl is.

Who’s taking Ella & the Trophy this week?

10th January 2020

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your Christmas break. The children have missed each other and have been very excited to be back.


This week we talked about owls and the habitats they live in. We introduced the book Owl Babies and talked about woods and animals that live there. We talked about owls, did some research to find out facts. We went for a walk in the woods at Whitings Hill Open Space, where the children were able to use their senses to think about and describe where owls live. In Maths we have been focusing on number bonds to 5. We introduced the children to the concept of addition. We will continue to consolidate this next week.

Who’s taking Ella & the Trophy this week?