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To help with our instruction reading and writing, we looked at the stories 'Don't let the pigeon stay up late' and 'Don't let the pigeon drive the bus'. 

To begin with, we looked at capital letters, exclamation marks, instruction words like do and don't and giving instruction using 'bossy' verbs like turn, jump,stand, sit etc.

We then moved onto listening to instructions on how to draw a pigeon, followed writing our own instructions based on the poem 'Ladybird, Ladybird'. We moved onto listening to instructions on how to make a pigeon. We focused on words like first, next, then, after that and finally. We then had a go at reading/ordering these set of instructions. 

By the end of our instruction writing unit, we wrote our own instructions using the words first, then, next, after that and finally.

Dont let the pigeon drive the bus - listening to/ reading instructions