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For 1S:


The end of the year is so close, and normally we would enjoy our last week together, take part in some fun end of year activities and say goodbye. Unfortunately this year we will not be able to say goodbye to you. As we have not had the opportunity to see some of you, we would like to say goodbye by setting up a couple of google meet sessions. 1S will have their google meetings on Thursday 16th July 2020. We have provided a letter below, which gives you all the information you will need, including the groups the children are in and the times of their meetings. We have also provided instructions on how to join the google meet sessions. We will not be able to give you the code of the meeting until that Thursday. We will put the code on google classroom so you can join the meeting. We will also try and send this in an email as well. We look forward to seeing the children on Google Meet for our goodbyes before the summer holidays!


Update on Google Classroom

We will be assigning all work on Monday and without a deadline moving forward. In regards to the white rose maths worksheets, we will upload all worksheets at the same time but as separate assignments. We will include a date on the assignments so you know what work is for which week e.g. week beginning 11/5/20. We have the option to 'return' work back to you with our comments, so we will be doing this once we have commented on your work. We hope this will make the assignments and using google classroom a bit easier.


If you are unsure about how to turn in assignment, please follow the link below for more information.

Quick reminder about Google Classroom and home learning:

Google classroom is proving to be a success, so many of you have signed in. We have 51 children now logged in. Thank you so much to everyone who has been completing and uploading their work (White Rose Maths worksheets and the English assignments) onto google classroom. We really do appreciate all that you are doing. If you have produced any hand written work, just take a photo of the work. When you go to hand in any assignment onto google classroom, you click 'add' and then click 'file'. Here you will select the photos of the work and it should then attach. You can also scan the work and upload the scanned image or create a word document onto your computer and upload the file. Alternatively, you can 'create' a document on google classroom and type the work straight onto there. Which ever way your child produces the work and is the easiest to upload onto google classroom is fine!


We are still trialing google classroom so that includes working out the best way to set deadlines and how to upload assignments easily for you all so please bear with us- it is still working progress. Do not worry too much about the deadlines that are set at the moment, you can still hand in work past the deadline, so long as the work is done it is fine. We understand how hard it is to do all this work during this time, especially for those of you who are still working. Whatever routine works for you and your children is absolutely fine with us. We are setting Maths and English assignments only for the moment, so please feel free to access the other resources and websites we have signposted on here.


In terms of commenting on work, we are working our way through the handed in assignments and commenting when we can. If there isn't a comment, please bear with us on this one as well, we assure you that we will do it. On Education City we cannot mark or comment when your child has completed an activity but we can track the children and see who has completed it or not. Some children have been printing their certificates and sending us photos, so another way for your child to get recognition of the work they do is by sending us photos and videos of their home learning. We celebrate every piece of work that comes through by mentioning it on this daily updates page and uploading the photos onto 'our amazing work' section.


Linked to the websites and resources mentioned above, you can use Education City (which we tend to use to link with Maths and Topic lessons), Numbots, RMEasimaths, j2e, classroom secrets, Twinkl etc to support home learning. You will find the links to these websites and more in the 'mixed resources' page. You do not have to use every single resource and website we suggest. Use the sites that work for you and your children during your home learning time. 


If you would a little more guidance or structure in your routine, then we suggest that you do the English and White Rose Maths assignments on google classroom; phonics, handwriting and spellings (once a week); the Topic/computing sessions (once a week) and reading (daily if you can). Don't forget the home learning (blue) books, which should be done once a week as you normally would do. All of this work is set every Monday ready for the week and we mention it on this updates page.


If you want to do extra work, then we always set a weeks worth of English lessons on the year 1 homework page, which we will aim to link to the English assignment that we set on google classroom. You can also do CLPE's Take 5 sessions for English or you can do the daily lessons produced by BBC bitesize and/or Oak National Academy. 


If you have done all the work suggested or just fancy doing something fun or different, then why not explore the different areas of the year 1 homework page and see what fun activities you can do. For example, you can explore the 'golden time and other activities' page, where you create, bake, build, make, cook, paint etc OR explore the 'other subjects' section and click the links related to PE, geography, science, music and so on. As we said before, do whatever works for you.


We hope this brings you some ease and relief, and is helpful and gives you a bit more guidance. Please know that we really appreciate everything you are doing and all the support and patience you are giving us! We understand how difficult it is during this time so we must work together and support one another. Thanks again.


If you are struggling with home schooling, Barnet Libraries services have signposted us to this useful link produced by Barrington Stoke. There are lots of ideas to help with reading at home. it might be particularly useful for those children and young people with dyslexia.


Also check out what the Royal Albert Hall are offering for you and your children while at home. There are 3 upcoming events - Tomorrow and Saturday. If you are interested please click the link below.


Just a reminder -

Please send us photos, videos, screenshots, etc of your child's learning or anything they get up to. Send them to the year 1 email address which is -

Remember we cannot reply to these emails but we will share all the wonderful things your children have been doing by putting them onto the school website, in the 'our amazing work' section. We will also mention it in our updates from us section.


If you need any questions answered or have queries regarding log in details etc, please email,, and a member of staff will get back to you.


Hi parents/carers.

This one is for you. If you are struggling with homeschooling, a national helpline has been set up for parents and carers during this time. Free confidential advice is available 6 days a week by the Starline team. They will also be broadcasting a weekly programme on youtube, sharing practical ideas for home learning. Follow the link below for more information and contact details.