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Homework and Home learning


Homework will be given out every Thursday and is due back in on the following Tuesday. It will usually consist of spellings and a maths activity. Homework will either be sent home in your child's blue homework folder or will be set online using Google Classroom and the Deepening Understanding website. *Please note: the activities set on Deepening Understanding must be completed by the deadline set, which is 00:00 on Tuesday, otherwise the activities will disappear and will no longer show in your child's assignments section.*


Logins for Google Classroom and Deepening Understanding

Every child has had their Google Classroom login stuck inside their yellow reading record. They have logged in to the Year 3 classroom at school to check it is working. 


The children have been given individual letters in their book bags which contain their login for the Deepening Understanding website. The maths activities set on Deepening Understanding link directly to the learning we have completed in class that week and it is really important that the children attempt them. The website automatically marks and records their learning so we can see who is completing the work and how well they did. Unfortunately, we can't reset the activities or delete the scores once they have been attempted. 


21/9/20 - We have been notified by a few parents that their children experienced some issues when completing the activities set on Deepening Understanding this week. These issues were not found by us whilst testing out the activities as we were setting them and are out of our control. We have been in touch with Deepening Understanding and have made them aware of the issues mentioned to us. Please be patient with us whilst these issues are resolved and we get used to this new way of setting homework. Thank you. 


22/9/20 - During our computing lesson, the children logged in to Deepening Understanding and completed a practice activity which I set. They know that they must click the blue finish button (with a gold star on it) after they finish each activity or their score will not be logged. 



Home Learning

Home learning will be sent out every other Thursday, starting on 24/9/20. It will be sent home in your child's blue home learning book, where all learning can be completed. It is expected to be returned to the class teacher on the following Tuesday.