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Home Learning

Each week the children will be given a topic to focus on in their Home Learning Book. The topic will be based on what the children have been learning about in our Thursday morning assembly. This means that all children from Year One to Year Six will have the same topic each week. This will come home each Thursday and must be returned by the following Tuesday. The children will be given the opportunity to see each other's work.


As a school, we are keen to encourage the children to be as creative as possible so it is up to each child to decide how they want to present their research and knowledge of each topic. The only constraint is that the children must use that week's two page spread in their Home Learning Books. We hope that you will work with your child each week discussing and researching but please do not do the work for them. Allow the children to use their phonics skills when writing in their learning logs.


Examples of ways to present what you know/find out:

Pop up section, flap section, pocket section, labelled drawing or diagram, fact file, word search using topic related words, quiz with answers hidden under a flap or photographs.


Please do not do the spellings and maths homework in the home learning books. These can be practised on a separate piece of paper and kept at home.