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History at Whitings Hill Primary School


                                                          History Co-ordinator: Miss Murphy


History is a vital part of a well-rounded education. History allows pupils to explore, question and to understand the past and its impact.


On this page you will find information on why, how, when and the intended impact of History teaching at Whitings Hill Primary School. 


History Policy:

This document sets our aims for teaching History, how we teach it across each key stage, the responsibilities of teachers, pupils and the History co-ordinator and how History teaching and learning is assessed.


History Strands Explanation:

This document gives a brief overview of the strands of the History curriculum being taught at Whitings Hill Primary School. 


Progression of Skills:

This document sets out the skills progression for pupils.  Each year group has a set of designated historical skills that they need to teach, reinforce and embed in order for pupils to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in History as they move through Whitings Hill Primary School. 


Whole School History Curriculum Map:

This document sets out what History is being taught across our school and when it is being taught.  This map feeds directly into our whole school Topic map.  For ease of use this document also highlights the area of History being taught such as key individuals, British History and broader History.