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Here we are

Week 1: On Monday we annotated a picture, sharing ideas about what we think the book is about. On Tuesday, we drew and labelled a picture of different parts of our world, e.g. stars, sun, moon, earth - land and sea etc. On Wednesday, we looked at the double page spread of people. We talked about how different we all are and then took part in a listening activity where we had to guess who the teacher was describing. On Thursday we looked at the brain full of questions. We posed and wrote our own questions, emphasising the use of question marks. On Friday we compared day and night. 

Here We Are

A reading of Oliver Jeffers' book, Here We Are.

Who am i describing?

Week 2: On Monday we continued reading Here we are, which talked about how many people lived on this earth and how we should be kind. This inspired us to think of different ways we can be kind to one another. On Tuesday, we thought about what aliens might think of our world if they visited it. We wrote a list of things for aliens to expect. On Wednesday, we went to the wooded area and used our senses to help us think about what makes our world so wonderful. On Thursday, we finished the book. We used our ideas from yesterday to think about what makes our world wonderful. We then watched a video of David Attenborough saying the words to 'What a wonderful world' over a video of our planet. We then listen to song, which was sang by Louis Armstrong, a musician we have been listening to in class for Black history month. In groups we wrote our own version of the song. On Friday, Here we are says we need to look after our planet. So we thought of ways that we could do this. We made posters about how we could save the world. 

wooded area - using our senses

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics)

Good old song of Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world.Subscribe