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Gruffalo Activities

Physical Development 

• Cut out the characters from the Gruffalo story to make finger puppets (see pictures attached).

• Pretend to be the different animals in the story and move in different ways eg. flap your arms like an owl, slither along the floor like a snake.

• Complete a woodland animal pencil control sheet (see different sheets attached). Remember to use the correct pincer grip 

• Cut out a spiral snake (sheet attached).

• Go on a Gruffalo Hunt. Ask a member of your family to hide the Gruffalo characters around your home for you to find.

Understanding the World 

• What woodland animals can you recall from the story ? Where do the different animals live ? What might they eat ?

• Find out what other animals live in woodlands.

• Play the animal footprints matching game (see sheets attached).

• Go onto the official Gruffalo website Try some of the fun games you can download.

Expressive Art and Design 

• Make the different animals from the Gruffalo story using playdough (see recipe for playdough attached).

• Make a Gruffalo mask (see attached sheet). Can you move like the Gruffalo ? Make your most ferocious Gruffalo sound.

• Learn to sing ‘The Gruffalo might like’ song (see words attached).

Listening Game - Phase 1 Phonics - Listening and Attention Skills

Help develop listening skills. This activity works brilliantly alongside the popular children's book 'The Gruffalo.'

Episode 16 - The Gruffalo | Kids Yoga for Children by Little Yoga Stars

Little Yoga Stars brings you The Gruffalo yoga story. In this episode we bring The Gruffalo to life through yoga poses.