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Grace and Family

We looked at 'Grace and family' as our first text in English to celebrate black history. We started the week by reading the story and talking about what happened. We then focussed on the main character, Grace, and discussed how she felt at certain parts of the story. We created an emotion graph, and placed Grace at different points on the graph depending on how she felt during the event discussed. 


We then focussed on the dynamic of her family, which encouraged some of the children to talk about their own families. Graces nana says, "families are what you make them", which inspired us to actually think about what a family is. The children had to finish the sentence 'A family is....' and write these in their books along with a picture of their family. Some ideas were, A family is A family spends time together...plays hugs and kisses...


We recreated some scenes in the book and acted like some of the characters. We acted out the part where Grace meets her second family for the first time in Gambia, when she went to an African market and the party scene at the end before she went back home.


Next, we worked in pairs to create a story map of the main events that happen in the book, from Grace's introduction to meeting her new family to going to the market to seeing crocodiles to the end of the story.


At the end of the week, we took part in a hot seating activity. One of us was a character from the book and the rest of us asked that person questions related to what happens in the story.

Hot seating and role play