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25th February 2021

Well we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back very soon now!  As the children have been off for a while we will start putting some little videos on Tapestry to familiarise them with the staff and setting
once again.(see Remembering Nursery box) Next week is World Book Week and you will have had info on this via Arbor. (I am going to resend the letter with this email to make sure everyone got it!) The week will involve small group google meets on Monday, (1st March) Invite links have been sent to both Arbor and
on Tapestry.A dressing up challenge, based on people who help and inspire us or a book character of
your choice, this will be on Thursday,(4th March). The idea being that the children come to the google meet on Thursday (4th March)dressed up. The invite link to this meeting will be sent to you on Tapestry. As we have so many nursery children they may not be able to see each other properly on screen, so we thought that in addition to this it would be a good idea to dress your child up on Wednesday (3rd March) and upload a photo on Tapestry. I will set up a gallery of those uploaded so the children can look at each other properly on Thursday morning before the actual meet. Rather than picking one winner during the google meet, we will let the children vote on a class book to be kept in nursery for everyone to see.

11th February 2021

Well we have made through to half term! The children seem to have enjoyed this week’s story of Share a Shell. We have seen some great art work, lots of counting and lovely writing patterns. Take a look at the gallery.Next week we will take a break from set activities, but do feel free to put photos of
the children on Tapestry, or even let them take a nature picture when you are out walking or in the garden and upload that.After half term we will do activities based on the story Monkey Puzzle. The activity ideas
will go up on Tapestry and the website from Tuesday the 23rd of February.We are all really hoping that the children will be back in school a few weeks after half term, but, I’m afraid we will just have to wait and see.We were due to have some new starters in January, so those children are waiting to start when school opens up. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long before we are all back at school and things start to get back to
normal for us all.