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February 2020

February 2020


February already! It only seems five minutes since we were all wishing each other happy new year.  Time might be passing at the speed of light but 5M are definitely moving forwards at a wonderfully productive learning pace.


The children quickly got back into their working mindset following the Christmas holidays and were soon producing good quality work across the curriculum.  The pace of our learning has really picked up this term and the children are keen to get involved in whatever learning is presented to them.


We all had a wonderful time during Puzzle Week (27th to 31st January 2020). The children spent the week solving puzzles and completing challenges. Everyone was very excited because many of our challenges involved lego – build a lego bridge that spans at least 15cm and can hold a 1kg weight for 30 seconds is just one example. On Wednesday 29th January we took part in a puzzle workshop in the school hall led by The Puzzle Company, our puzzle leader Pablo gave us lots of different puzzles to solve. It was an excellent workshop and we all enjoyed ourselves.


Our Topic Forces is progressing well and the children are very keen to learn as much as possible about this fascinating topic.  In the last week of this half term we will be making parachutes to test how features of a parachute influence how well it performs. We will be using the same materials (chute and strings) to make our parachutes but using different length strings and putting different weights on them.  The children are very excited as Mr Collings is going to throw them off the school roof for us so that we can get a really good view of how well (or not) they descend to the ground. We will time the descents and compare these timings and how controlled the descents were in order to conclude which parachute gave the best performance.


Our own versions of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So stories are progressing well and we are going to enter some of them in the Kipling Society’s Just So Stories competition.  It is a national writing competition open to all children in Year 5.  We will let you know how we do. 


Once again, a big thank you for the support you give your children with their education, it makes teaching them a pleasure.