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7th February 2020

We are enjoying all the activities related to The Hungry Caterpillar this week and we will carry it over to next week so the children have time to try all the activities. Do ask them to tell you the story and see what they have remembered. We have also been busy making patterns and looking for symmetrical things. Next week we are going to show the children how to paint and print to get symmetrical butterfly.


Tuesday 11th at 9.00am

We have decided to move the nursery dance performance to the morning of Tuesday the 11th of February. (PM children are invited to come in and dance, then go home and return for a normal session in the afternoon.) Parents/carers will need to bring the children in dressed in their performance clothes. They can then go around to the main hall to watch the performance which will start around 9am. Although please bear with us, as we have to get everyone from the nursery to the hall and this can take some time!

(The rest of the schools performance times have not been changed, this will remain at 2pm.)

Performance clothes

Boys-black joggers/trousers white tops and black bow tie

Girls-any colour tee shirts, leggings and RaRa skirts.

(The children will dance in bare feet.)