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Egg Osmosis

We demonstrated osmosis through the following investigation with a raw egg:

  • We soaked a raw egg in vinegar for about 48 hours. The vinegar dissolved the egg shell.
  • We filled a  container about halfway with water and added red food colouring to turn the water red. We put the naked egg into the red water and let it sit for about 24 hours.
  • We removed the egg from the water and saw that it had increased in size as the water had passed through the outer membrane . It was bright red, but completely egg shaped. We dried the egg with a paper towel and saw that it was completely dry and wasn't leaking.
  • We popped the egg to reveal that the inside white of the egg had turned red, but the yolk had remained orange. Although the membrane surrounding the egg yolk and white can soak up water, the yolk itself can't.