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December 2019

December 2019


Wow here we are in December and already one third of the way through the school year. Take it from me there is no better place to be than in a primary school in the run up to Christmas and 5M are full of anticipation and excitement about all that school has to offer them over the coming month.  The smiling happy faces of the children are a joy to see.


Prior to the fun of the festive season we have been working hard on our termly assessments. All the children in 5M were assessed on their reading, spelling, grammar, writing and maths skills and knowledge. These assessments were rigorous and certainly tested the children but I am very pleased to say that each and every child in our class did their best and gave 100% effort.  The results reflect this and all the children should be very proud of themselves.  I will use the results to plan for our work next term.


Our Christmas production is shaping up nicely so please save the date so you can come to one of our two performances. The daytime performance is at 2.00 pm on Tuesday 10th December and our evening performance is at 6.00 pm on the same day.  The children have been telling me that when they practise their singing at home family members have been joining in! I'm looking forward to seeing whole families singing along at the performances.  


The children have been fully immersed in our topic learning about Anglo Saxons throughout this half term.  The work they have produced across all areas of the curriculum related to this theme has been of a high standard.  We were all particularly impressed with our paintings of Anglo Saxon illuminated letters that we produced using the Fauvism style of painting – do come into class ad have a look at our display.


We have had great fun investigating materials over recent weeks in our Science lessons. We have been planning, performing and presenting the results of a variety of fair tests to identify properties of materials and how materials can be changed.  The investigation that caused the most amount of discussion was our sequence of tests exploring corrosion on different metals. For weeks afterwards I often heard the children talking about the corrosion on various metal objects they had come across in their daily lives.  I think we definitely have some future engineers in 5M.  Rust and how to prevent it has become a hot topic of conversation here!


There are a many diary dates for December so here are the main ones: Christmas jumper day, Christmas dinner and party day are all on Wednesday 18th December and the last day of term is Thursday 19th December.


Once again I would like to thank everyone associated with 5M for the support you have given us this term. Fran and I wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.