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13th December 2019

The children have been very busy this week making and writing Christmas cards, writing wish lists and making paper chains. Santa’s workshop was very busy with Elves making lots of presents and writing names and labels so Santa would know where to deliver them! We also had a visit from Father Christmas himself with a special delivery of presents for everyone! The children were very excited to give Santa their Christmas list. The children sang Santa a lovely song and everybody had a photo with him.

6th December 2018

The theme of the week has been all about Friendships. We have focussed on the book ‘On Sudden Hill’, which looks at the topic of friendship. The children have been busy this week creating paintings of their friends, making settings from the story and writing about their friends. We have talked about the characters and their feelings and what it is like to feel lonely.

Next week we are introducing the book ‘Blue Penguin’ and talking about Antarctica and animals that live there. Based on the story of the Blue Penguin we are transforming the role play area into Antarctica and decorated elements from the story. 

Who took the trophy & Ella?

Who took the trophy & Ella?  1
Who took the trophy & Ella?  2