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Lesson 1

Warm up - stand in a big circle and making circles with different body parts.

Movement skills- Look for a space and skip to it, stop, and big body shape. Look for another space and creep to it, stop, and make a small body shape. Run and jump into a space, stop and big body shape. Tiptoe to your space, stop and curled up shape.

Dance - go and stop - show your starting position, travel to a new space, stop and end with a big shape. look for your next space- starting position, travelling, stop and and end in a tiny shape. Try this routine along to the song- 'I travel, travel, travel then make a huge shape. I move, move, move and hold a small shape. I go, go,go and hold my best shape.'

Cool down - half of the class watch the other half. Watchers look for the best big and small shapes and good travelling.

Lesson 2

Warm up- find a space, feet apart and reach up high with both arms. Bend your arms, neck, back, waist, knees and ankles until crouched down with hands on the floor. Stretch up ankles, knees, waist, back, neck and finish with arms up in the air. Repeat.

Movement skills-'happy' travelling - skipping, galloping, bouncing, running, jumping and hopping. 'Follow the leader' - find a partner and show your happy travelling action. Watch your partner, copy and follow. Change leader. We then faced our partner and followed some simple routines involving clapping and waving. 

Dance - follow my leader - in partners, one is the leader the other follows. Adult shouts 'travel' and leader shows the travelling action. Adult calls 'stop', partners face each other then wave and clap. We repeated this with different leaders and different waving and clapping actions.

Lesson 3

Warm up - cross arms so hands rest on opposite shoulders. Take large steps and slap shoulders while slowly counting 1, 2, 3, 4. Stop! On tip-toes and hands by your sides. Take small, fast steps, while quickly slapping sides of thigh counting 5, 6, 7, 8. Find a partner and choose a leader- try the large steps and clapping shoulders movement followed by the quick tip-toe steps and slapping thighs movement.

Movement skills - say these words - sizzle, zoom, whoosh and bang. Discuss and show the different movements or actions that could be done for each word. In partners, make up a series of movements to go with these words and practise. 

Dance - Sizzle! Zoom! Whoosh! Bang! - Once practised, show each other the dance routines. 

Cool down - copied some 'cool down' routines on 'Take 5 a day'.

Lesson 4

warm up - stand with feet apart, bend knees and push arms into the air - HOLD! Now flop down and feel your muscles relax. Firm up again and repeat first stretch. Relax again. Repeat several times.

Movement skills - running on the spot - strong legs, beating into the floor, firmly and quickly. Pretend to be splashing in puddles. Now gently walking around on tiptoes, trying not to make any splashes in the water. A big heavy weight in front of you - bend knees and push it with your arms. There's a balloon in front of you now. Push it away lightly, walking behind it. Gentle, soft flicks. 

Dance - light and heavy opposites - find a partner and plan opposites dance. one person to be heavy weight, the other to push. Then change to the light movement, one person to push and one person to be light balloon. Then big splashes, side by side, followed by tiptoeing on water. Practise.

Cool down - show your favourite opposites to each other.


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