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CHOIR singing is good for you!

Summer Term 2020




Let's see if we can make this happen...


You all know already about the cancellation of the fantastic concert we had planned at the Royal Albert Hall; here at BEAT we are all really disappointed about this and we know that the children involved are too. 


BEAT are going to run a recording project using the song Refuge.  The idea is that any child who was going to be at RAH on Thursday 30th April instead records a vocal for Refuge and sends it in.  BEAT will then edit these into a single recording of everyone singing together.


Here is what you would need to do:


You need to make an audio recording of you singing Refuge.  

They would need to sing along to one of our learning tracks, through headphones so that it doesn't come out on the final recording.  This can be done fairly easily using 2 smartphones (or any 2 devices, one for playback and one for recording) and a pair of earbuds.


Please email your recording (in any standard audio format) to:

ideally along with a selfie and parental permission to use that selfie in our final video.  Their name won't be shared, just their image.  The photo is optional.


The learning tracks and instructions for taking part are here 

The password is Refuge


It would be wonderful if some of us or even all of us could join in. Let's do it for BEAT and for us!!


Keep singing,

Miss McHughsmiley










Well, we should be singing our songs in preparation for our trip to The Royal Albert Hall but unfortunately we aren't together.

However, we can still sing!!

Singing is great to lift your spirits and cheer you up  even on the gloomiest days.

I hope you are all keeping safe and following the rules.

I have added a link to BEATs website where you can access songs you can sing along with.


You will see there are 'Songs of the Week.'

Also there is the Barnet Schools Music Festival

(BSMF) link with songs you will recognise.


Enjoy and keep singing!

Miss McHugh







Sir Duke