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Choir 2018 - 2019

SpringTerm 2019


We are busy preparing for School Music Festival at the end of Spring Term.


We are learning lots of songs to perform and look forward to singing together.



​​​​​​Barnet Music Festival 2019 at Finchley Arts Depot.


An annual event which we look forward to participating in.

Keep this date free...

Tuesday 18th June 2019

We will be preforming in Barnet Music Festival.




I Love Rock and Roll Melody

Practise singing along with the song.

Try Everything

Listen and sing along

Sin Jen Jen Jen

sing along and join in the song

Try Everything Instrumental

Remember the song starts straight away with 'Oh oh oh oh'

If unsure listan and sing a long with the vocal track.

Nobody Knows

Listen to the words and sing along

How Far I'll Go

Keep practising - this will be our school performance.

If we Sing