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This week we continued looking at the book ‘Yucky Worms’. We made up our own worm poems based on Spike Milligan’s poem ‘Today I saw a little worm’, we created our own ‘Yucky Worms’ zig zag books and wrote a letter back to Mr. Wormy, telling him all the things we have found out about worms. The children also had fun creating own moving mini-beast pictures which they loved.

Next week we will continue the theme of planting and growing. The children will make a ‘Bean Diary’ and record observations of the beans they have planted. Over time they will notice the growth and change taking place. The children will explore the story ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ by Nick Butterworth. The children will take part in retelling the story and make predictions about what might happen at the end of the story. They will have the opportunity to write their own end to the story. There will also be a mystery visitor who leaves behind giant footprints and the children will engage in finding out who the footprints belong to by measuring them.

Next week we will be looking at the story Jack and the Beanstalk. The children will have fun exploring the different characters in the story through ‘hot seating’. They will have the opportunity to write speech bubbles, draw and label their favourite character and order the sequence of events of the story. The children will explore using puppets to retell the story and create their own versions of the story. We will continue to make observations of the growth and changes happening to their bean seeds and record this in their bean seed diary. Please bring in recycling materials, cereal boxes, tubes, yoghurt pots etc by Monday